Open Water Instructor Course at Seaways!

15th October was the day of the Open Water Instructor Course!  3 assistant instructors from the Exeter & Falmouth University SAC and 2 PADI instructors crossing over to the BSAC attended the event lead by Jon Parlour and John Adams.  Despite some very inclement weather, the candidates all did very well and the enthusiasm kept going through the day!  Next event is the PIE/TIE exam on 5th November!

Advanced Instructor Exam at Seaways!

13th & 14th October saw the first BSAC Advanced Instructor exam ever held in Cornwall.  3 candidates were put through their paces with boat based advanced teaching involving charts, tides, currents, dry runs, underwater projects, dive management, and all those extra opportunities to teach which are not part of a specified programme!  Candidates now anxiously awaiting results from the chief examiner!  Thanks to Sophie Rennie and Jon Parlour for running this unique event and to the candidates for what looked to be a high level of preparation.

Advanced Instructor Course at Seaways!

The weekend of 7/8th May saw the first BSAC Advanced instructor course held at Seaways.  In fact, it is the first time one has ever been held in Cornwall.  This exam is usually nationally run, but as a Centre of Excellence, Seaways was able to organise one and National Instructors Sophie Rennie and Jon Parlour were on had to make it all go smoothly.  Long days and lots of planning and dry run sessions by the students saw the event go very well and they all now know exactly what they have to do to prepare for the exam which will take place in October!

Safety First at Seaways

Courses at Seaways cost a little more than some local competitors.  We never have more than 2 students with one instructor, in line with the National Governing Body (NGB) safety guidelines.  Where Safety Divers are required, we only use professional divers with full HSE diving medicals.  This costs money and our prices reflect this.  Diving is an adventurous activity and there is a controlled exposure to risk when you undertake it.  At Seaways, we minimise that risk as much as we can, so that you can enjoy diving in an environment that is as safe as we can make it for you.

Courses & Qualifications - constant success at Seaways!

We have been running a constant series of Ocean Diver and Sports Diver courses through the summer and into the Autumn.  We have run one course which took students through Ocean Diver and then went straight into Sports Diver in readiness for their Marine and Natural History Photographic Course at Falmouth University!  This worked so well, we are planning more!

PRM course with Seaways & Atlantic Diving in Newquay!

Fantastic event with lots of rescue management practice - 16 new rescue managers took part in a variety of rescue scenarios and had the opportunity to try out various recovery techniques onto large boats and a RIB, acting as a rescue manager, being involved in casualty support and preparing the boats for helicopter evacuation of the casualties.


IFC in January results in 8 new Assistant Instructors!

The IFC held in January at Seaways Diving resulted in 8 new assistant instructors for the BSAC.  Running the course were National Instructors Sophie Rennie and Jon Parlour.

OWIC / TIE / PIE  on 8th November a Success! 

The OWIC event held from 8th - 10th November this year was a great success and we plan to hold more events in 2014.  Just announced on the Instructor's Page is an IFC (Instructor Foundation Course) in January!

DDRC Presentation!

Seaways Diving and the Kernow Dive Organisation went to DDRC (Now DDRC Healthcare) in Plymouth to present a cheque for £2,750  which was raised at the last Kernow Dive Festival.  Next Kernow Dive Fest is set for the weekend of 7th June 2014.  Phone for details!

Seaways OWIE Success

Paddy Mayer (left) Larry Stabbins, Andy Grant and Andrew Earle (the 3 on the right) having just passed their Open Water Instructor Exam with examiners John Adams and Sophie Rennie.  Congratulations!

The candidates attended the Open Water Instructor Course on Tuesday, took their Theory Instructor Exam on Wednesday and then took the Practical Instructor Exam on Thursday.