IDEST Cylinder Testing in Cornwall                    

Don't take short cuts with your safety!

Seaways is registered with and inspected by, the Inspectorate for Diving Equipment Servicing and Testing (IDEST)

Test Equipment is calibrated on a regular basis

We have two  registered Cylinder Testers who have been independently  inspected and the quality of their work has been approved by SITA / IDEST

How do you know if your cylinder test station is registered and approved? 

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In addition to our own work, we test cylinders for a number of  recreational diving operations in Cornwall, professional diving contractors, the MOD, Fire Services, Dive Clubs  and ships visiting Falmouth docks.

We test air quality on a regular basis for a large number of customers in Cornwall

Who are IDEST and why are they important to your Safety?  

Link to SITA / IDEST