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Diving with the British Sub Aqua Club

  • Formed in 1953, BSAC qualifications are recognised all over the world. 

  • National Governing Body for the sport

  • Safety standards are second to none

  • Diver training is designed for UK and northern water conditions

  • Learn with the Seaways in the Cornwall and you will be comfortable diving anywhere in the world.

Trained with another agency?  Why not cross over to BSAC?

  • BSAC welcomes pre-trained divers

  • Crossover at Seaways

  • We will introduce you to local dive BSAC dive clubs! 

  • Go diving with friends almost every weekend at a fraction of the cost! 

  • Most local clubs have their own RIBs and meet on a regular basis.

  • Get credit for your present training

  • There's a BSAC branch near you

Starting out?

  • Hit the 'SCUBA' Link above to find out about our diver grades and start your underwater adventure. 

  • Ocean Diver is your first step and Sports Diver the second one!

Instructor Course / Exams - Click Here

We are able to run all instructor events up to and including advanced instructor.  With our team of affiliated National Instructors, we can run events for small groups!  Technical Instructors from other agencies wanting to cross over?  We can organise Technical Instructor Workshops at short notice.

Mixed Gas Diving

Seaways offers the full range of Technical courses - Nitrox is covered in our basic training, but Accelerated Decompression Procedures to Advanced Mixed Gas - Open Circuit or Closed Circuit Rebreather are available to divers from all agencies.


 Decotime - © Mike Rowley                                                                 Bridge of Kensho Maru, © Colin Fairhurst

Mike Rowley Runs Seaways CCR Course in Hawaii


Photos © Mike Rowley

Boat Handling & Seamanship Courses

The full range of British Sub Aqua Club and Combined Diving Agency seamanship courses.  These include the MCA approved boat handling course, Diver Cox' Assessment and Chartwork  & Position Fixing


Tompot Blenny on wreck of the Volnay    © C Fairhurst                                    Wolf Fish in Newfoundland © C Fairhurst